The Chicago Bridge Blog: Emerging in Aging?

The Chicago Bridge blog is our chance as a group and as emerging professionals in aging to make our mark. When I first thought of putting together this blog for us emerging professionals in aging it had a lot to do with my own questions about the field. As many of you may do, I turn to the Internet for answers and connections. I did not seem to find many regarding the experience of the emerging professional. One great benefit for us as emerging professionals is to use this blog as a way to get our name out there. More and more educational materials, information, job leads, etc are found online. With this blog, your story and your experience in aging will be seen by many. You can build up your name, and your experience as a contributor of this blog. Another amazing benefit of this blog is it acts as a tool to connect our Chicago Bridge members closer to one another. If you do not think writing a blog post is for you, by reading the posts by others in our group, you will grow to learn more about them and what they do in the field. You will also benefit from knowing what is out there in the field. In order to make this new initiative work, we need our member’s interest!!! There are multiple ways that you can become involved in this new initiative. You can become a apart of the Blog Committee where you would work to find new writers or facilitate the work of current writers and editors. You can write one post, or many. You can become a reoccurring writer or post one message. You could be an editor. There are many ways you can become more involved in the Chicago Bridge, a contributor to the blog is just one! To become a member of the Chicago Bridge visit the Membership Page


Jaimie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chicago, IL and received her Master’s in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. Jaimie is the Care Pathway Coordinator at the Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease Center of Northwestern University. In this role, Jaimie works with patients and families living with a diagnosis of dementia in the Neurobehavior and Memory Clinic. Jaimie is the Manager of the Chicago Bridge blog and is a member of the board of directors for Chicago's Society of Social Work Leadership in Health Care.

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