Google Group Terms of Use

Membership in the Chicago Bridge allows you to receive and post e-mails through the Google Group page (aka the listserv). This is how we communicate with each other and could be considered the lifeblood of Chicago Bridge!
Posts should be for the good of Chicago Bridge members and our clients.
The Chicago Bridge and its Google Group are not vehicles for promotion of any agency or billable services. Inappropriate content will be removed at the discretion of Communications Director. If at any time you feel a member is abusing the Chicago Bridge Google Groups or your personal email address, please email the Communications Director at If you need to know (1) how to post a message or (2) if a message is appropriate, please email the Communications Director. APPROPRIATE MESSAGES
  •  Events that are specific to aging and aging-related issues (NOTE: If not a Bridge event, you should only post once.).
  • New grants/ Request for proposals
  • Legislative alerts related to aging
  • Aging-related social events
  • Job opportunities in the field of aging
  • Aging-related volunteer opportunities
  • Articles of interest in the field of aging
  • Inquiry for resources or referrals in the Chicagoland area. (NOTE: Please remember to protect the privacy of your clients by removing identifying information prior to posting.)
If you are answering someone’s question, please respond ONLY to the person who asked the question.
  • Fundraiser announcements
  • For-profit sales and solicitations to Chicago Bridge members or their clients
  • Messages that serve to promote only your personal interests or the interests of only your organization (ex. advertising your company’s customer service scores, announcing any achievements, requesting a job).
  • Pestering members for any reasons
  • Disparaging or negative comments about any Chicagoland agency or organization
Special Notes: 
  • These Terms are fluid and have been developed by members over the years. Questions or comments are encouraged!
  • You should not share member’s email addresses with anyone.
  • Only Chicago Bridge members are permitted to communicate via the Google Group.
  • If you require assistance or would like Leadership to post on your behalf, please contact the Communications Director at

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