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So you want to become involved with Chicago Bridge… first, become a member!

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As a member, you can…

Participate in the Chicago Bridge Google Group

All members have access to the Google Group listserv where our 600+ members communicate with one another about issues in the field of aging, current jobs, latest research findings in aging, new programs, educational opportunities, resource sharing, and questions about the field of aging.

Attend Educational and Social Events

Chicago Bridge events happen every third Wednesday of the month at a variety of locations throughout the Chicagoland area. Topics of the events are chosen by Chicago Bridge members annually.

Join the Mentorship Program

This six-month Mentorship Program matches emerging and experienced professionals in the field of aging to provide professional growth for an elder-care workforce prepared to meet the needs of Chicago’s diverse older adult population.

Write or Edit for the Blog

The Chicago Bridge Blog is a venue for members to share their knowledge and passion about the field of aging to the world! All members are able to submit an article for the blog. To ensure quality, some Chicago Bridge members work as Editors.

Join the Creativity and Aging Special Interest Group

This group is for members who are interested in the intersection of creativity and aging. It provides a format to exchange ideas, support one another’s work, collaborate and help connect the field of aging to the arts and the arts to aging.

Build Leadership Skills

The Chicago Bridge is a member driven group and the interests of its members drive the programming. Ongoing opportunities to become involved include the Leadership Core, the Blog Team, the Creativity and Aging Special Interest Group and the Mentorship Program are available, so contact us to get involved!

If you have questions about any of these opportunities please email chicagobridge@gmail.com.