What is Brain Health? Laugh Lines

This past weekend members of the Chicago Bridge leadership core along with professionals from numerous aging organizations and community members joined together to engage their brains through story telling. The audience was guided through stories and memories from seven story tellers who took listeners on international adventures, humorous everyday moments and brought childhood memories to life. Each tale provided a glimpse into the storyteller’s past and taught the audience important life lessons. In between stories the host CBS’s Ryan Baker provided the audience with important tips on how to keep your brain healthy and active. Six of the participants were competing for title of best storyteller and a free class at Second City’s Humor Doesn’t Retire: Improv for Seniors. In case you missed the event we invite you to listen to all the stories, including the winner Omiyale Duparte’s follow @ACLbrainhealth on Facebook or Twitter. If you would like to learn more how to keep your brain engaged visit brainhealth.gov.

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