Mentorship Program

About the Mentorship Program

The six-month Chicago Bridge Mentorship Program matches emerging and experienced professionals in the field of aging to ensure sustainable growth of an elder-care workforce prepared to meet the needs of Chicago’s diverse older adult population. Mentors and Mentees meet at least monthly with the goal of helping Chicago Bridge members develop their skills, network, and confidence. The Program builds a structure for passing the knowledge and skills of seasoned professionals to the next generations of leaders in the field of aging.

Read about the Mentorship Program in the American Society on Aging’s Newspaper: Aging Today


“I really enjoyed the experience…We [my mentee and I] both seemed to have benefited from sharing with each other and discussing current happenings in the field.” – Mentor, 2010 Program
“…To be paired with a professional (mentor) in the field of aging is truly wonderful and remarkable. I tell all my friends about the program.” – Mentee, 2012 Program
"...we have met together on 3 occasions, and communicate fairly often by phone and email. I have introduced my mentee to 5 or 6 colleagues, and I share information with her about professional and educational events, books, services, jobs, and networks. Those are some of the tangibles. But it is the “intangible” that is more significant to me, and I hope to her. She is bright, eager, committed, deep-thinking, reflective, and so much more. Her character and characteristics, along with my own enjoyment of the mentorship role, have allowed our relationship to develop comfortably and mutually. I look forward to continuing to be a colleague and friend to her."   - Mentor, 2016 Program

Program Eligibility

Mentors represent Chicago’s leaders in the field of aging with many years of experience working in the field. Interested potential Mentors should contact Carla Vassilos ( for detailed eligibility requirements.

Mentees are emerging aging professionals, looking to learn more about the field, network with colleagues and further their careers. Mentees must be Chicago Bridge members and should contact Stacey Jirik ( for more information.

Program Timeline

January – Open recruitment for Mentors and Mentees
March – Deadline for application to become a Mentor or Mentee and Mentorship matches announced
April  - Mentorship Program officially launches
September – Mentorship Program officially concludes

Replication Inquiries

The Chicago Bridge Mentorship Program has partnered with emerging aging professional groups across the country.  For more information about how you can implement the program, please contact