May 19th Ageism and Rhetoric; Challenges across Generations

Chicago Bridge May Event

“Who are you calling an ‘Old Geezer'” Ageism and Rhetoric; Challenges across Generations

May 19th from 6 to 8 pm

Hallmark Retirement Community 2960 North Lake Shore Drive

RSVP to ShyAnne Sanders Even though we are all speaking the same language, at times trying to carry on a conversation with our elderly clients makes us venture into a language of the unknown. Join author and LivHOME Manager of Professional Services Cheryl Kuba for a lively discussion about practical solutions for addressing and communicating with older adults. We’ll explore words and phrases that may be part of today’s culture but may be offensive to older adults. We will also practice skills for replacement language to use when professional jargon and outdated terminology gets in our way. Part of this highly interactive seminar will be a test of our own professional language skills through ‘Generational Jeopardy.’ This presentation will give health care professionals the opportunity to partner with clients and patients to successfully, ‘Say what I mean and mean what I say.’ Validated Parking at the Hallmark CTA Bus Lines and Train close by

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