In Case You Missed It: Aging Friendly City

We had a great Chicago Bridge educational event on Wednesday! Joyce Gallagher, the Executive Director of the City of Chicago Area Agency on Aging, provided some wonderful background into the Age Friendly movement and then delved deeper into the successes in Chicago. Four neighborhoods have instituted the Age Friendly model with a grass roots effort by neighborhood associations and volunteers, most notably in Englewood and Pilsen. Twenty-one total neighborhoods are on the docket to adopt the model. The Age Friendly initiative also involves every department in the city of Chicago, including the police, fire, HR, and others, and each offers their unique contributions. The City of Chicago and its Area Agency on Aging, with the passionate leadership of Joyce Gallagher, work with other urban governments to continue to bring unique solutions and continued the momentum to the Age Friendly initiative. Thank you to the Kott Gerontology Institute for the awesome spread of food and drink!