Chicago Bridge’s January Event

Planning for a successful year

On Wednesday January 20, 2010 in the warm and welcoming environment at Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly in Chicago, the smell of delicious fried chicken filled the room as Chicago Bridge embarked on another year. With over fifty attendees, many of them new members, there was a record turn out! Attendees were able to network, hear about new Chicago Bridge announcements, and to create and volunteer for monthly Bridge events. One major change that was announced is Chicago Bridge’s new Mission and Vision statements that were created at a Strategic Planning Meeting held in November with current and former Leadership Core Members as well as current and former members. Beyond recreating our mission and vision, the Strategic Planning Committee discussed ways to cultivate the leadership of its members and to provide support and professional growth opportunities for the group.

New Opportunities with Chicago Bridge

One such opportunity is the Support and Social Program. This program was created as a result of member survey responses reporting that members enjoy the informal nature of Chicago Bridge. Through the new Support and Social Program, members can design smaller events such as book or movie discussion groups, happy hours, or other special projects in addition to our monthly events. Those on the Support and Social Team can create as few or as many events as they would like and can pursue topics that speak to their passion in working with older adults. The Mentorship Program, which is being piloted with the guidance of the American Society on Aging (ASA), is another way that Chicago Bridge is cultivating its members’ leadership skills. This program will launch after the ASA conference in March 2010 and will match fifteen mentors with Chicago Bridge members. The mentor and mentee applications for this program are due on February 22nd, 2010. The final opportunity for professional growth can be found right here, on the newly launched Chicago Bridge Blog! Writing an article is an excellent way to demonstrate your professional knowledge and writing skills. You can also add published author to your resume. The Chicago Bridge Blog documents: Guidance on writing a Chicago Bridge Blog post and the Chicago Bridge Blog Article Submission Form, are all you need to get started. Evidence-of-brainstorming[1]A great agenda for its 2010 monthly meetings, keep your eyes posted each month, we hope you can join us! For more information on any of these opportunities or to be an Events Coordinator, please contact Alix Burns, Chicago Bridge Events Director. If you are an emerging aging professional and would like to join the Chicago Bridge and receive notification of events in advance, please contact the Chicago Bridge Communications Director.

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