Chicago Bridge at the NCOA/ASA Conference 2010

Chicago Bridge participates in the American Society on Aging joint conference with the National Council on Aging

It has been an exhilarating week for the Chicago Bridge at the American Society on Aging (ASA) and National Council on Aging (NCOA) annual conference held at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago Bridge Speaks to Other Emerging Professionals

The Chicago Bridge leadership core had three opportunities to speak to other emerging professionals from all parts of the nation about the Chicago Bridge. We discussed how members have been involved in Google Group activity, coordinating monthly events, as well as the creation of the Chicago Bridge Blog, and the Mentorship and the Support and Social programs. We presented on our model and ways in which others could replicate our group in their own communities. ChicagoBridge_ProgramReplication View our workshop presentation for more details. NCOA Chicago Bridge Presentation 03.18.10

The Chicago Bridge Networking Event

The Chicago Bridge Networking Event, held on Wednesday the 17th, was a collaboration between the ASA and the New York Academy of Medicine. We had over 60 attendees from across the country, including New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington, DC, and Chicago. Many Hartford fellows were present and reconnected with each other and also met fellows from other schools. Many of our own members who weren’t in attendance at the conference were able to meet their peers and more seasoned professionals from around the country. Chicago Bridge members talked to the other professionals around the country about our successes and heard about theirs. Bonds between old friends were strengthened and new friendships were formed, making the energy at the event palpable. The passion and commitment we share for the field of aging was heightened as our national network was fortified. Chicago Bridge thanks the American Society on Aging and the New York Academy of Medicine who were instrumental in making this event happen. We greatly appreciate their generosity and dedication to the support of emerging professionals.

Additional Chicago Bridge Conference Experiences

In addition to the Networking Event and the Chicago Bridge Workshop Presentation, our group was mentioned at the Wednesday morning general session. Cynthia Stuen, Chair of the ASA Board of Directors, talked about preparing the next generation of professionals in the field of aging and how we are partnering with them in the Chicago Bridge mentorship program. Core leaders were also given the opportunity to make a brief presentation at the student and emerging professional workshop. Our hope is that we can use these amazing experiences to continue our growth and to further opportunities for our members. We want to act as an inspiration to other groups around the country and carry on the legacy of others who have dedicated their entire careers to improving the lives of older adults. The following pictures were taken at the Chicago Bridge Social at the conference. The faces of the crowd include Chicago Bridge members, Hartford Fellow Alum, and other emerging professionals from across the country. This post was edited by Alix Burns.

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  • Gayle

    Thanks to everyone for all their hard work during the conference. Thanks, also, to the members who didn’t attend the conference, but took the time to come to our reception. It was great to meet so many emerging professionals from across the country, too. It’s exciting to see the passion we all share for supporting older adults through our practice, research, and advocacy.

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