Administrative Assistant Resume Which Could Get You Any Kind Of Job Opportunity You Really Want ResumesTime

Curriculum vitae Writing and submitting Guide You Will Find Necessary ResumesTime CompanyOnce we go in the hunt for these traps, do we find that the normal 8 toxic sins – Fulfillment, Avarice, Envy, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony and Sloth – carry any lessons to the advanced-time CV copy writer? Perhaps, however, some are admittedly significantly more […]

In Case You Missed It: Aging Friendly City

We had a great Chicago Bridge educational event on Wednesday! Joyce Gallagher, the Executive Director of the City of Chicago Area Agency on Aging, provided some wonderful background into the Age Friendly movement and then delved deeper into the successes in Chicago. Four neighborhoods have instituted the Age Friendly model with a grass roots effort […]

In Case You Missed It: Older Adults & Immigration

Last week the Chicago Bridge, in collaboration with Rush University and the Continuing Education Institute of Illinois, hosted a panel discussion on Older Adults & Immigration. The panel participants, Padraic Stanley, MSW of Rush University’s Heath & Aging Department, Yadira Montoya, MSPH of Rush University’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center and Adela Carlin, J.D. of the Legal […]

Get Involved !

Are you looking to get involved in a rapidly growing network of emerging professionals in the field of aging? Check out all the ways you can get involved today! 1. Become a member ! Click here to apply. 2. Attend Events 3. Write a Blog  4. Contribute to the Google Group 5. Join the Mentorship […]

Elderly with no nearby family to help them need safety net, experts say

Nara SchoenbergContact Reporter Chicago Tribune The brother and sister, both unmarried, childless and in their 80s, had been fending for themselves in their Vernon Hills home: avoiding neighbors, ordering groceries, skipping doctors’ appointments. “They lived in a home that was like something out of the reality show ‘Hoarders,’” says professional patient advocate Teri Dreher, who was […]

What is Brain Health? Laugh Lines

This past weekend members of the Chicago Bridge leadership core along with professionals from numerous aging organizations and community members joined together to engage their brains through story telling. The audience was guided through stories and memories from seven story tellers who took listeners on international adventures, humorous everyday moments and brought childhood memories to […]

Save the Date: The Annual Planning Meeting!

What does 2015 hold for the Chicago Bridge?   Bring your ideas to the Annual Planning Meeting to give your input! Chicago Bridge members will brainstorm future events and share ideas on where to take the Chicago Bridge into the New Year. Please join us! Our generous sponsor, The Terraces at The Clare, will once again provide a 5-star food experience with dinner and wine provided. The event will be […]

Volunteerism in Older Adulthood

This past week, I had the pleasure of working with the volunteers who run and operate Highland Park Access Television. They had asked me to come to the station to speak about the benefits of Assisted Living. The experience brought my attention to the value that volunteering can bring to the lives of seniors. […]