Empowered Aging: Stories of Strength

Shakeela is the Chicago Bridge’s first Older Adult Guest Writer. We welcome her to the Chicago Bridge and thank her for her contributions. We hope all readers learn a valuable message from the voice(s) of those people we serve. Her article is titled “Empowered Aging: Stories of Strength.” She states in her piece, “I vehemently argued that no way whatsoever was I going to a facility in which I would feel disempowered, lacking the independence I so value- a place the Chicago Tribune and I, through a series of exposes, perceive to be neglectful and unsafe.”

The Aging LGBT Population

In addition to the challenges most of us face as we age, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) elders encounter additional obstacles due to inequality, bias laws and policy that affect their financial security and health care options. Of the numerous safety net programs that fail to protect and support LGBT elders equally with their heterosexual peers, the program that has one of the harshest effects on LGBT elders is Medicaid. Proper planning with a comprehensive estate plan that includes a power of attorney for healthcare, and a Medicaid asset protection trust can empower LGBT elders. These tools can help LGBT elders to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their finances so same sex partners can age together with dignity.

Empowered Aging, Stories of Strength

The Chicago Bridge hosted its first Older Adult Panel Discussion. The discussion surrounded the theme, “Empowered Aging, Stories of Strength”. The panelists showed the group what aging gracefully means. Each panelist acknowledged that they are accepting of aging and that they have learned to go with the flow of life, not to fight it. There was laughter and jokes told, and tears over loved ones lost.

July 21st Summer Social

Join us for the Chicago Bridge Summer Social at District Bar 170 W. Ontario Chicago, IL Wednesday, July 21st from 6 to 8 pm The place has been set for our July social event. District Bar is a short walk from the Brown or Red Line and some street parking is available.   They will have […]

Let’s talk about sex: A psychosocial group in a skilled nursing facility

Contrary to preconceived assumptions, residents of a skilled nursing unit have been rather candid and happy to share their personal experiences about sexuality issues within the group. No topic has been off limits. The group members enjoy comparing and contrasting respective experiences and views with each other and with us. Starting with the very first session, the group members shared very personal stories of unfaithful husbands, the pain of divorce, miscarriages, and looking for, but not often finding, love in the skilled nursing facility.