Volunteerism: One Remedy for Loneliness in Aging

“Why, that scarf looks absolutely lovely on you! I bet you’ll wear it nearly every day. Tell your friends where you bought it: We have so many styles, I’m sure your friends can find something this pretty, too!” Grace is in her element now, working the floor, albeit a small floor, in a local nursing home gift shop. And a fine job she does, too, with her energy and sales skills honed over many years of devotion to retail. This is a new gig for her, though, and a much needed one.

Happy New Year, Happy New You!

Breathe deeply and slowly. Just walking in the door can cause an onset of anxiety: You know the telephone message light is on indicating needs and wants of others; clients are lined up back-to-back; there’s a webinar you really need to view and you forgot your lunch on the kitchen counter. Stop, take a moment to slow down with intention, take a deep breath: It all, always, get’s done, and anxiety only stands in the way of mental functioning and reason. It was a difficult year for many of us, that 2011. All that said, it is more important than ever to be mindful in our self-care so that we continue our mission from a healthy perspective and we can, well, continue our mission!