Code Gray: Emergency Preparedness in the Nursing Home

Older Adults and Emergencies This past summer our temperatures soared high into the 90’s and 100’s and severe thunderstorms caused power outages for many people from Illinois to Washington, D.C. to Virginia and Ohio. During Hurricane Sandy, many older adults were challenged by the loss of power and heat, but an even bigger effect of […]

ConnectedLiving: Equipping Older Adults to Be Computer Literate

With technology being such a large part of society today, it is important that there are programs available to teach older adults basic computer skills in a way that is accessible to them. As of 2008, only 35% of older adults 65 or better were using the internet. Although there are some computer literacy programs available, I believe there is a large need for additional classes and instruction for older adults. This article reviews a few options for computer literacy for older adults including Rush Unviersity’s ConnectedLiving Program.

Telecare for Older Adults: Friend or Foe?

Can technology used to help older adults live at home be beneficial or is it a negative thing? Monitoring systems have been created to help keep older adults safe while living alone at home. There are challenges to the system, but it allows long-distance family members to monitor from afar.

Nursing Home Culture Change

Nursing home reform is finally a hot button issue and it doesn’t hurt to dream big about what nursing homes can look like in the future. More nursing homes are moving away from a model where residents’ schedules and care are dictated by the staff. They are also moving away from dark, loud, over stimulating environments. The transition to a nursing home can be difficult, but there is a movement in the United States that might make this transition a bit easier.