Are the Futures of Medicare & Medicaid at Stake?

As the United States nears the deadline of August 2nd, 2011, when the federal debt ceiling will be reached, Congress looks to cut back on federal spending. One place to look to cut spending is healthcare, as a large portion of the federal budget is devoted to programs like Medicare and Medicaid. However, Medicare and Medicaid are a safety-net to many Americans and many reforms propose to undermine these federally funded programs.

Care Transitions, So Hot Right Now

Care transitions have become a focal point for improvement of the United States health care system. The transition from a hospital stay for Medicare beneficiaries is particularly relevant, as many people are readmitted within a month of discharge. Luckily, national health reform-the Affordable Care Act, addresses care transitions on several fronts.

Long-Term Care Made Easy? Meet the Aging and Disability Resource Center Program.

The Aging and Disability Resource Center Program (ADRC) began in 2003 and has been growing ever since. ADRCs offer a single-point of entry into the long-term supports and services system, help consumers to navigate the system and assist consumers in making long-term care decisions. ADRCs are also involved in care transitions, a popular health reform initiative to better coordinate care.

National Health Reform: The Affordable Care Act, Includes Great Benefits for Older Adults

The historic health care reform bill, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was passed 9 months ago, but as the bill is enacted, Congress is divided and the future of the ACA is not secure. The ACA has many provisions that directly benefit older Americans, and these should be thoroughly considered before provisions of the bill are actively debated in Congress. With the baby boom population aging, our country should embrace the Affordable Care Act; health reform cannot wait.

Chicago Bridge Mentorship Program: Call for Applications

The Chicago Bridge is excited to announce our 2nd launch of the Mentorship Program. The program is currently seeking interested Seasoned Aging Professionals to become mentors and Emerging Aging Professionals to become mentees. If you are interested in either Mentee or Mentor roles please email for an application packet. Applications are due March 1st.

Empowered Aging, Stories of Strength

The Chicago Bridge hosted its first Older Adult Panel Discussion. The discussion surrounded the theme, “Empowered Aging, Stories of Strength”. The panelists showed the group what aging gracefully means. Each panelist acknowledged that they are accepting of aging and that they have learned to go with the flow of life, not to fight it. There was laughter and jokes told, and tears over loved ones lost.

Amidst Federal and State Budget Crises, are Elderly Safety-Net Programs, Social Security, Safe?

Social Security is frequently proposed as a program to explore in looking for cost-savings. In light of both federal and state budget crises, advocacy is necessary to protect safety net programs, like Social Security; the time to speak up is now. There is evidence that older adults are not able to afford cost of community living. The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform meets May 26th, is Social Security secure?