Celebrating the Holidays in a Retirement Community

As I leaned down to release the brake on Pat’s wheelchair, I realized my “bunch of purple grapes” costume might not have been the most practical choice for the Halloween party at the retirement community. I’d pinned twenty balloons to my clothing, making navigation difficult. Still, the crowd clapped and cheered as the Brain Fitness Coordinator in costume as […]

Creative writing for self-expression: Meaningful engagement for older adults

Five people sit around a table, writing. One man’s pen moves slowly, precisely translating ideas into line. One woman’s hand moves in a blur, trying to keep up with her thoughts. A third person, who has a visual impairment, speaks while I transcribe his words. When we finish writing, we take turns reading aloud. Each person’s face brightens as we hear one another’s words. The wisdom in the room surprises us.

Why Arts and Aging?

Who are the professionals using the arts in their work with older adults? What is the difference between expressive arts therapies, arts education, and other types of arts programming? Are you a professional who uses the arts in your practice? Do you know someone whose life has been changed through art? What questions do you have about expressive arts’ connection to aging?