Taking Your Specialty Outside the Office: It’s a Win-Win

As social workers, nurses, attorneys, caretakers, etc…we are all devoted to enhancing our careers in the field of older adults. But a care and concern for seniors in and around Chicagoland doesn’t have to end when your shift is up. Whether you are looking for networking, community service opportunities, services for a client or family member, or to simply aid local vulnerable seniors, Chicago is fortunate to have an assortment of non-profit based groups to continue caring for older adults after hours.

The Scamming of America

Despite the ever fluctuating, unsteady economy, there is one multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow annually- the financial exploitation of seniors. In cases of dementia, financial capabilities are one of the first skills to decline, but any senior can become prey to a scam artist, whether it be a false lottery claim, phony repair work, or a spam email from a distant relative needing money. Financial exploitation can deplete a senior’s precious resources for the future and cause emotional trauma.

A New Year’s Resolution: Improving Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention in 2012

Yet, despite this growing epidemic of abuse, approximately 6 million cases nationally every year, the government seems to be neglecting offering any support, research, or progress- burying their heads in the sand under budget crisis and campaign promises. Although Obama passed the Elder Justice Act almost two years ago, congress has still failed to provide ANY funding, leaving another empty promise on the table.