Near Death Experiences

We may not always want to acknowledge it, but often we know a relative is dying. Improved technology is allowing doctors to better predict when the end is near. Many patients are opting for hospice and palliative care at the end of their lives. This time can be exceptionally difficult for families. In addition to the stress of loss and grieving, many find they must also handle the financial and business affairs of their relative. Unfortunately, there is not a guidebook for end of life legal issues. Here are a list of some common concerns and how you can address them. […]

Seven Tips for Presenting Elderly Witnesses

Advocating for seniors isn’t just the job of lawyers. Social workers, care managers, nurses, ombudsmen and lobbyists all spend time advocating for the elderly. But the best advocacy can involve helping seniors to advocate for themselves. “Seven Tips for Presenting Elderly Witnesses” explores some of the ways that you can help your senior clients to become powerful witnesses.

Avoiding Hard Feelings In Your Estate Plan

If you’ve ever read a will or trust agreement, you know that it’s a fairly cold, legal document. Yet, this document is the last bit of communication you will have with your family. And, it comes to your family at a highly charged emotional time in their lives. As a result, a slight or a […]

Does My Parent Need a Guardian?

When someone becomes incapacitated without having executed advance directives, the state allows for the appointment of a guardian to make key decisions. Learn more about the guardianship process, its costs, and why powers of attorney are a better way to go.